It started about four days ago. Pain that I felt top of my right side and bottom right of my mouth. Throbbing pain that comes hard than goes away put comes back. And I only felt this when I would go to bed. I work nights and go to bed around 5-5:30am. And that's when it starts. As soon as it goes away I can fall asleep, an hour later the pain wakes me up and I find myself holding my face from the pain. It's almost like clockwork, every hour it comes back. Went to my dentist and he told me to switch toothpaste. That's not working. It moves all around up down and sometimes both also moves to front to back but never leaving the right side. Also have allergies lately, sneezing watery eyes, don't know if that has anything to do with it. I had a cavity filled on the top right side in January and that tooth always felt very sensitive. Would like to know what this is.