I was given the brown bandage on the two visits, but did not improve but became worse and had spread. Was in a lot of pain and was on co-codomal for over a month. Went to the doctor who was not impressed at state or the pus that was coming out and put me on antibiotics which helped but did not clear. On third visit when I saw my usual dentist, who had been on holiday, felt I needed antibiotics . I found this to be odd considering my mouth did not look as bad as it did on the second visit. I complained to her but was not taken seriously. So for over a month I was on co-codamol and two different antibiotics. Didn't feel I could trust them anymore and was advised by my doctor to take Yakult as the two antibiotics would cause problems. When should I have been prescribed antibiotics by the dentist? Was in a lot of pain, very swollen and quite drowsy. Since this got a bridge fitted which came out after two weeks when eating a roll! Not happy and not quite sure were I stand as the bridge cost £480.