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Took a Xanax on thursday night. I have a drug test on Monday or Tuesday. Will I pass a urine test?

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christineATU 9 Apr 2010

It depends on several issues. Since you marked this question as "conversational" rather than a "direct" response, I'll think out loud to myself. You either applied for a job, on probation, custody battle, whatever reason for the test, it's pretty safe to assume it isn't your prescription. If it is a legit prescription, no need to worry about it showing up. If you got it from a "friend", bought it off the street, or raided moms medicine cabinet,and you're lucky enough to pass, I hope this is a wake up call for you. I hope you remember this panicky feeling you have right now, worrying about passing this test. I'll apologize ahead of time if I am totally off base here. If I am wrong about your situation, and it is for a new job, (the more people working the better for this country) if you took only one pill one time, it will more than likely come up clean, so calm down.

I know I will get a few thumbs down for this lecture. I shouldn't do it. I just wish people would realize that the dabbling they do with "harmless" drugs, can lead to addiction and future harm and heartache for loved ones.

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subzero58 9 Apr 2010

OMG, you just earned your wings. you are a bonified guardianangle. a speaker of your deserve 2 thumbs up and a snap.

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christineATU 9 Apr 2010

Geez honey, why aren't you answering my calls? Thanks, I feel like I got an A+ on my test! Seriously, aren't any messages getting through to you? free discount card

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