So I've struggled with an addiction to pain pills for the past year or so, not horribly but to the point where I would want at least 2 or 3 lorcets a day to function. I came to the point this week where I was unable to obtain any and a friend of mine gave me a TINY piece of a Suboxone pill, more than likely only 1mg or less. It was the first time I had ever had one and after doing a little research I took the pill yesterday morning around 9:00 am and indeed my cravings for a pain pill went away. however today, I was given a Lorcet 10mg and took it at few minutes ago (around 5:00 pm)... totally forgetting about taking the Suboxone yesterday morning. I was wondering if the suboxone would still be in my system and make me sick or would I even be able to feel the pain pill? Again that is the only time I have taken the suboxone and it was a very tiny, tiny, piece of a pill. Just wondering what to expect! thanks!