On Tuesday I got my tonsils removed and I am a 22 year old female. My doc insisted I get the operation ASAP. Unfortunately I also suffer from severe spine problems which I see a pain management doctor for. I take percocet (oxycodone/acetaminophen) 5/325mg as needed for back pain.

I explained all of this to my ENT surgeon but he insisted I take the percocet with the same dosage (1-2 pills every 4-6 hours) for post-op pain. He did not want to increase the dosage or change the medication, and he says that he is giving me the maximum amount of medication possible. Due to my spine and disc issues, I already have somewhat of a tolerance to this medication which is why my post-op pain is not responding to it.

I have been in severe, horrible pain for the past two days and have not slept due to the pain. My ENT doctor refuses to see me or change my medication. He told me to call my pain management doctor. I called my PM doctor, and the front desk person said that he would not prescribe for a pain issue that is not in his domain- and referred me back to my ENT doctor.

So basically my ENT doctor refuses to see me at all, and he instructed me to call my pain doctor who will not help me either (which is understandable because this is not his area of expertise).

I really do not want to go to the emergency room but it's only been two days and the pain just seems to be getting worse and worse and I cannot take it. Also, it seems kind of wrong that my ENT is refusing to see me when I just had a major surgery and am having severe complications. If anybody has been through a similar experience or has suggestions please let me know. I am suffering and am grateful for any responses.