On my stomach so I goto the Dr and they done test and it came back mrsa, those want to bad I rejected some antibiotics until bactrim and in about a month I was better till now and a month or two ago I noticed these spot again, and once you have it you know, but this time it been longer and a lot more places, but I noticed a place in my tongue, well surely not I thought but identical , but he's I was right they changed my antibiotic to vancomycin pill form and sent me home so now, I'm doing that med but my tongue hurts so much it unreal I was just wondering is anyone has any suggestion on soothing my tongue and the pain I would really appreciate it, and yes I live in a small small town in Ky and the hospital in the little towns,,, well ain't much, I also had this in my nose and this one I had to go to a specialist, and he had to cut this one open, and couldn't get it numb,, he ask me it got to be done, so I said do it ,, well oh god, I've never held in to nothing so tight, and when he started are you sure,,, I said yes but once you start, don't stop till you get it done, of course I had to apologize on some of my choice words , but very be was a good doc, we have to go out of town to good Dr but my concern now is my tongue ,, any help I would love , and good bless you all who get this superbug thanks Ann