Okay, so I was given this script, and told it was adderral 20. (Thing is I was prescribed this so like the bottle says it all, but my Aunt filled it for me. Not only was she acting odd when she brought it to me, but she has a history of..some bad stuff.) I've seen most all types of addy as far as mg, generic, tab vs. cap. etc. Haven't seen this one before though, so I went to look it up before taking it. Been online at least an hour... no luck. I've searched just images of adderal in general, searched the description of the caps, even trying different wordings. So far I can find nothing. As far as an imprint or writing on it I'm not 100%. Whereas on one I see nothing, but on another I can tell there is some writing (as if etched). It is difficult to make out but I'm pretty sure it's something along the lines of sleepM or TA or something. I can tell its an S and the e's for sure. The rest not 100%. One friend suggested it may be fake or an 'empty' cap. Even searched that! All I'm saying is that no matter what it is there has to be something about it online. Please help to identify!! Ohhh, and as far as the 2-toned blue. It's dark blue mostly, like on both ends, but has a light blue maybe teal stripe around the middle (like where the two cap ends are attached or connected).