... not bad though but I am weak and I think it's due to my hep C I go to my doctor on my 18 day of this treatment has anybody started feeling better that they think it is due to the treatment of Harvoni I truly feel blessed having a second chance at life I hope everything works out for everybody that is in this program. This will be my first doctor's visit and Labs will be taken on this visit I hope anybody with any advice I surely would appreciate it God bless I am 62 years old and have little scarring on my liver but no cirrhosis. My viral load when I started two weeks ago was at 7 million I'm hoping for some positive results on this first visit of mine this following Tuesday. I am on 20 milligrams of omeprazole I was on 40 milligrams my doctor chose to lower it I hope this does not affect my treatment with Harvoni any answers that would help out I would greatly appreciate it.