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I was told it takes 2 months for the Zoloft to actually work is this true?

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chuck1957 31 Aug 2016

Angel; Yes and know the way this class of medication works is from when you start it, And you make sure you take it about the same time each day for the first couple of weeks it is common to have some side effects and increase in symptoms that you are trying to get rid of. Normally around the 10 to 14 days it gets better. Then as you continue to take your medications most start to feel a bit better from 3 to 4 weeks you should be feeling some of the benefits of the medication all the way up to the time you reach the 6 to 8 weeks when you reach a steady blood level of this medication. Hope this give you an idea of what to expect. GOOD LUCK ANDHOPE YOU GET TO FEELING SOME BENEFITS SOON. chuck1957

chuck1957 17 Sep 2016

Angel, I was just rereading my answer about taking your medication and it sounds like just for the first 2 weeks you take your medication at the same time, I just want to point out that you take whatever the medication at about the same time every day. Period not just for the first 2 weeks so whatever time you are taking your meds your try to take it each day within an hour of the time you take it. AND THAT MEANS Every day. Chuck

Fab852 8 Sep 2016

What dose are you at? Are you feeling anything yet? I just started with 25 mg I'm on day 6. Still having anxiety. I'm going to get bumped up to 50 mg probably by Tuesday in 4 days.

chuck1957 8 Sep 2016

Right now I'm trying a different medication but I had very good luck with Zoloft 100mg generic for many years, And may be going back to it. This is normal what you are feeling as I said that the first 2 weeks can be the hardest to get it in you system then after that slowly you should start to notice the Benefits of this medication, Also as they slowly up your dose you may have a few tough days on and off but this is the best way to start out with this class of medicine. Like I said these all can make your symptoms even worse than they were for the first couple of weeks but then it starts to slowly kick in. so keep at it. The end results are what you are looking for.

Angelaknox41 10 Sep 2016

Right now I've been on 50 mg and almost done with my 2nd bottle still having a lot of anxiety

chuck1957 10 Sep 2016

Angela; You might want to check back with your doctor, It could be you need a dose adjustment or for the doctor to give you something with the Zoloft to help more with the Anxiety some people it does work well for the anxiety but it also can make you feel better in other ways but not help with the anxiety. Good luck and just make sure you check with the doctor never take more than what the doctor has said.

marxo 11 Sep 2016

I'm a 21 yo girl with severe panic disorder.. And like 5 months ago I started on Zoloft. Thankfully I had 0 negative side effects.. Other than when I forgot to take it a day and the body spasms would hit me. My anxiety started fading in the first 10-14 days. But I am still only on 25mg daily. & I do occasionally get a full blown panic attack. And it suckssss. Thinking about having the dr. increase my dosage. But don't give up, it takes time. Especially with these kinds of medications. I hope you start feeling like yourself again love!

chuck1957 11 Sep 2016

Thanks for the help and good advice Max. It really is patients is the key here it does get better. And how Important it is to take your medication about the same time each day. So you to keep your blood level up. all best wishes to both of you. free discount card

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