I was diagnosed as bipolar just over a year ago after a year of trying different meds to find one that didn't give me a life threatening side effect (I'm taking Depakote now) then working up to a dose I could tolerate (250mg 3 times a day I'm very med sensitive) I had an incident that caused my PTSD to flair up. This caused my mixed episodes to start up again too. My psych added Risperidone (0.25mg per day) which helped for a bit but now typical of me in the summer I feel pretty hyper, but without the euphoria instead very irritable and very restless.
A friend told me to stop focusing on my bipolar and to get on with life but how can I not focus on it when I wake up feeling like my brain is going 90 miles an hour and my body (I have arthritis) is so stiff and sore from everything I did the day before? I feel so out of control again.