Dr told me it looks like severe episode I had last week on Brintellix was case of serotonin syndrome! has anyone out there had the same DX??We even had to report case to manufacturer. Been on 5mg Brintellix for 10 weeks. On week 9 started having severe flu like symptoms that escalated into full blown flushing, headache, chills, diahrrea, nausea, shaking , agitation, depression, suicidal thoughts, bad anxiety, etc. But no fever. It just FELT like i had fever of 103 degrees!! on Sunday I skipped dose and on monday took dose down to 2.5 mg every other day. still had symptoms but no where near as bad as over the weekend!! i thought i was going to DIE this weekend!!
Dr wants to keep me on 2.5 mg every other day to make sure depression and agitation are minimized. Symptoms better today ( still diahrrea, NO appetite, unable to eat) but still having mild agitation but not as bad as full panic over weekend.
I am literally TERRIFIED! i need something desperately for anxiety and depression n this pill worked like a miracle for previous 9 weeks! No one seems to know WHY it took so long to manifest into serotonin syndrome since the med is so new and not enough data on it. PLEASE, if anyone had this experience more than a month into med, PLEASE let me know!!!