Ok..i will try to make this as quick and clear as possible. I had mirena inserted on 2/13/13. I had irregular bleeding constantly ( somewhat expected ) Then on 4/8/13 i had to be admitted to the hospital with severe pelvic pain and i was told A: mirena caused a bad cyst on my ovary B: caused a cervical infection and C: the strings were m.i.a
So with all that i was told it would obv be best to get it out. Ultrasound showed it was still in place so i had my mirena removal scheduled for 2 weeks out ( april 25th ) in the meantime, my ob started me on ortho tri-cyclen lo. I started my first pack on 4/10, got a period on 4/23, removed mirena on 4/25 and finally ended my "period" on 4/29. Now i have to start my "sugar pills " and im so sick of keeping tampax in buisness that i wanted to skip them and start a fresh pack in hopes of having little to no bleeding. Is this possible? And would there be any "gap " of no protection that i should use a back up!? Please! Any advice?

I dont wanna hear the blah ,blah your messing with nature crap. I know, and i have been reassured by my ob that having your period is not medically necessary. Thanks!