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I have what I have been told is a nervous system breakdown. It starts out with severe stomach cramp?

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Nunwithgun 4 Feb 2017

The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for causing most anxiety related stomach pains. It is your bodies natural reflex to stress. Very common to have stomach pain with stress, anxiety issues.

Windchimes123 5 Feb 2017

Hi Judy,
How do you feel about that diagnosis?
Do you think your emotional state is that of having a nervous breakdown?
You know your body.
In my experience, if you can't be diagnosed within your 15 min allotted visit (including the correct code) then you must have anxiety or depression.
It doesn't matter because...
Anxious people get sick too!
I've had 4 surgeries as a result of my "anxiety". It turned out to be a complicated abdominal problem. I complained of symptoms for 1-1/2 years.
Do you know how insulting it is to be ignored . Placed on unnecessary anxiety meds which are actually contraindicated in certain problems.
I got an emergency call after finally getting a CT ordered. She then is proud of herself for making a diagnosis!
I'm not saying it's not a breakdown. I'd think you would be suffering emotionally before developing physical symptoms.
Did you have depression, anxiety, fatigue first?
I'm just saying that being labeled can be detrimental to your health.
Best wishes
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