She's 71 years old my sister was the only one with her she said she was just fine and she went in her room to go lay down and go to sleep and then my sister said no sooner did she hear a loud thump like the loudest one she's ever heard . My sister said she walked in my mom's room and said that my mother was standing there naked peeing on herself she said my mom was kind of like in a drunken stage (but then she text me and told me that my mother was standing in the room with just her shirt on ) she said my mother had three lumps on her forehead in the front on the same side like eggshell kind of and that she was punching herself in her crotch and in her chest and I guess fell for 5 times prior to that I guess but my sister said she only heard one loud noise how is that possible that she's saying that my mom fell at least four to five times and was beating her own self up to the point where she's severely bruised on different spots of her body real bad when I talk to my sister this morning she said Mommy isn't here anymore that isn't our mother anymore she's gone. My sister also said that they wanted to do a MRI on my mom's whole entire body including head . But they can't do a MRI on my mother for one because my mother's very claustrophobic and because her head was hit so hard that they can't sedate her because they're afraid it's going to do more harm than good . Her body was extremely bruised in different places they wanted to see what if anything was else was wrong with inside her body because of the way that she looked now if my mother took the pills at my sister said she did would that make her in a drunken state to the point where she would put her own hands on herself and beat herself up like that I think that my sister did it I think my sister had something to do with it her story doesn't make any sense if she thinks or says that my mom fell at least 4 or 5 times how is it that she only heard one loud noise that doesn't make any sense my sister I think is lying and I don't know what to do when I go see my mom tomorrow how will I be able to tell if my mother did that to herself or my sister put her hands on her or my sister grab her by the back of her head and slam her head on the table please tell me I can tell the difference I'm in desperate need of some help please help my mom