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I have just been told I may have epilepsy and am quite scared. Any advice?

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Ibnerd14 10 Nov 2013

As long as you keep up on whatever medication they give to you, you really should be okay. Epilepsy, while scary, is luckily very controllable, and so as long as you watch your pills and also make sure you're not doing anything to aggravate it or lower your seizure threshold, for lack of a better phrase, then you'll be just fine. :)

kaismama 10 Nov 2013

The previous poster said it all. I just want to add I agree. Many people are living normal lives with it.

jls56 12 Nov 2013

I have had it since I was a child, and I am now 75 years old. Don't be afraid, but always take your meds, and if one doesn't control it, don't be afraid to tell your doctor and changes can be made. I have changed several times. You CAN live a normal life!

scottietx 12 Nov 2013

Welcome to the Epilepsy club! I say that because I find that we are unique, fun and quirky people. Now to answer your question. Don't let epilepsy scare you. Most cases can be controlled with the right medications. It might take a few attempts with medications to get the right combinations. As the other people have answered it's very important to take them as scheduled. Also, learn as much as you can! The more you learn the better you will be prepared. I've had Epilepsy and Lupus for most of my life and I still don't let them define who I am! They are a part of me. But they are not my life! You will be ok! Just learn all you can about Epilepsy! free discount card

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