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Told by our ped to give our 7mo gson childrens dimatapp 1/4 tea for his nose, cough etc is this ok?

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bipolar4life 18 Apr 2011

I just read the effects and it says if breast feeding and such do NOT use it weill pass through to infant
but on the other hand it says when giving to young children consulkt pharmacy i know your doc says it is ok so it probably is but i personally would call my pharmacist hon, mine keeps me up to date with all my meds thats why i go to the same one.anyways it did say they are m,roe suseptical to the adverse reactions children!!
lol always janymak

MichellePerez1027 18 Apr 2011

I was in a similar situation and had the same question with my 3yr old daughter, when she was about 1... i asked my pharmacist and her Dr the same ? and they both said all cold medicines n such say "2yr or older" because many people had abused it and some measured or read dosage wrong and gave too much to their baby... the ending result being death(very rare but it has happened). and abuse like people giving more than instructed to infants to "put them to sleep" and such. So to be safe for those who have infants and, lets just say... arent the sharpest crayons in the box, they made all meds say 2yrs/25lbs plus... also they say to not give meds for every lil cough and/or cold because children will build up a tolerance and it might not work too good when n if they really need it later on. free discount card

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