About 10 years ago I noticed that my right big toe nail had a deep dark orange circle on it. I thought it was a fungal thing so I went to the doctor. She gave me lamasil, but after a month my mom made me stop taking it because it was bad for the liver or something and it looked like it was getting worse. I tried using creams and soaking it in peroxide and a few other over the counter medications but nothing helped. It wasn't causing me pain or anything so I just forgot about it after a year or so. The entire nail at this point was just a very light yellow and kind of crusty underneath and very brittle. After I joined the Air Force I decided to go to a dermatologist and try to get it fixed again because it was pretty ugly. He cut some of the nail away and said that it certainly looked fungal to him, but to be sure he sent it to the lab for testing. About 2 weeks later they called me and said it wasn't fungal and I must have done something to traumatize the nail. I found that pretty hard to believe, because I've never injured my foot before at all. Anyway he offered to surgically remove the nail in a way that it wouldn't grow back. I declined because it wasn't causing me any pain and I'd rather not have surgery for a purely aesthetic reason. Now, about 5 years later from my second doctors appointment I pretty much just rip the thing off every 3 months. There is no pain, and the entire nail pulls away with ease. It's pretty gross, but other than that it doesn't really cause my any discomfort. Also, I should mention that I do have a very slight case of eczema that comes and goes, the worst case being on the tip of my middle right finger for about 3 months. It seemed kind of like I had scales on it and I could peel the skin away. I haven't seen it since the first time it happened. My other nails have no signs of yellowing and I've never had a fungal infection anywhere else on my body. Could this be something else, do you guys think it might be fungal and the lab results were incorrect? I have a video of me ripping the nail off if needed.