Hello everyone. I am a new member and I am getting ready to quit Roxi for the 4th time. In the past I have quit anywhere from 3 weeks to just over 100 days. I have quit cold turkey from a 300 mg/day habit and felt like I was dying but this time I have been just about weaned myself down to nearly nothing by taking suboxones for 8 to 10 days and then I would, like a dumb ass start using again for a week or 2 and do it all over again. For the last couple weeks I have gone from 5 30s a day down to 2 per day. I have just struggled mentally with the timing of my "withdrawals". It always seems like my daughter has a big soccer game, I am gonna have my daughter on those days, or whatever. I just think that its gonna be an inopportune time to feel like crap for a cpl days.
In the past whenever I have been clean for a certain amount of time I keep thinking that I can do one just to catch a "buzz" and then stop again. But it doesnt happen like that. An addict cannot just do one. So I want to believe with all my heart that once I put myself through the withdrawals this time, they shouldnt be as bad this time hopefully, that I will be done for good. I wanted to join this forum so I can have you to talk to and to lean on during this time. I have spent SO MUCH MONEY on this crap and being in this opiate fog, I know that I havent been really taking in my time with my kids like I should be. I havent been the father that I want to be. Especially when I spend so much time during the weekends looking for pills instead of spending quality time with them.
I have read alot of the postsof the mebers in the past so I know that your opinions and advice are really good. So hopefully as a member of the family I will be taken under your wings and led to a clean and happy life. God Bless you all and I really look forward to the companionship and comraderie.

Joe B.