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Today is the first day taking cymbalta is it normal to puke bright red blood and have diareah???

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kaismama 10 May 2013

If you're vomiting bright red blood after one pill, is not the pill. You need to see a dr if it happens again. Diarrhea is normal at first. Take some imodium.

lady2882 11 May 2013

Have you had any stomach problems before? Does your stomach empty slow?
What size dose are you taking? It shouldn't be more than 30mg.
That is a rather intense reaction to a first pill and you should see a doctor asap.

bestpup 11 May 2013

No it's definitely not normal to puke bright red blood. This means something ruptured either in your stomach esophagus or something more serious. Get help Asap!
Once your there mention the diarrhea and any and all meds. free discount card

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