My life is beautiful , I'm lucky have a great hubby home , health and a beauty of a home ! My problem is I take 30-50 perks a day also I will go out a buy Roxie's and take 160 mg a day !! I need to get off.. I'm so thin now .. I was on t.v two years ago .. I just keep my friends at bay .. I don't want to go anywhere .. I have never done this but I want to stop today ! My plan is one tab in morning ! That's it ! I need my life back .. My husband said I look like a bag of bones .. Everyone stops me and talks about how pretty I am and they wish they had my body ! Ugh if the only knew !!! I'm not unhappy I don't have a sad sorry!! I'm just ashamed I'm on this stuff ! Help I feel like I can do this ! I will not go to rehab ..I have lots of money to do this ... I want to do it on my own .. Any help, out there???