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Today I have taken 8 senakot and was woundering how long it would take for them to work?

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Defector39 26 Sep 2015

Usually, the effect should occurs in 6 to 12 hours but everybody react differently. 8 senokot is the maximum dose recommended by the manufacturer so it should work. It's a stimulative laxative so it's not good to take it everyday. It can give very bad cramping and pain as a side effects.

In my case, I have mechanical constipation (pelvic floor dysfunction) and IBS-C so the senokot do nothing for me even if I take the whole box, it will just put me in intense pain with cramps but no bowel movement. I use Lactulose to soft my stools and a lot of glycerin suppositories everyday to be able to have small bowel movement and they are never spontaneous so need to strain and have a daily routine. Colonoscopy preparation don't even work for me so I guess I'm a lost case.

It also depend of the type of constipation you have and if you still have spontaneous bowel movement or not or have no slow transit problem or no functional or mechanical problems. Also the senokot will work better if you take them before bedtime or early in the morning with a lot of liquid to drink, hot tea is the best.

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