im going to the rheumatologist monday. he is gonna run tests and rule out some things to see if i have fibro. i just wanna know how does fibro make you guys feel. what does your pain feel like. i just wanna see if it is like the pain i feel. im going into this blind. if i have it, im not really gonna know what it is except for something that makes my body hurt. my muscles r tight. they spasm. it hurts to move. or walk. my feet and legs hurt. my back hurts. my shoulders. everything! i can barely get out of bed in the mornings. if this isnt fibro... i hate to waste my time going to the rheumatologist. but maybe he can find out what it really is if its something else. im 25yrs old. i have 2 small children that i cant hardly even play with. its hell trying to go to work everyday. it takes me from 9am to 2pm to pull myself together and make it to work by 3... and i hurt the whole time im there. Thank God i pretty much work alone. i'd hate to be around a bunch of ppl with tears in my eyes all day. the only ppl that know are my fixer and supervisor (i work in a mill). im depressed and at my wits end. my pain management dr is not helping me at all. i read on someones post that it is inhumane for a dr to let someone be in sooooo much pain. thats exactly how i feel about him. it seems like no dr i go to cares. they think because im so young i must be after pills to abuse rather than take for pain. i've posted my lower back problems over & over but they are as follows: deterioration, twisted pelvic bone, nerve problem (cant pronounce the term he used for it), and arthritis. and of course the possibility of fibro for my all over pain. the localized pain im my lower back is thought to be arthritis (by my PM dr). 3 arthritis meds & steriod shots & it hasnt touched the pain! its gotta be something else. my friend who is also my age went to the dr with low back pain, they diagnosed her with arthritis and gave her a script... now she is pain free! what gives? sorry im babbling. this is the longest post EVER! nobody understands. not my parents. not my fiance. not my dr's. NOBODY... but i know you guys are here for me. and you dont know (or maybe u do) how much it means to me. thanks to everyone for your support. and sorry for writing a book!