I am anxious all the time. I'm scared of interacting with people, going out, oh God I could go on and on. Is there any relief from anxiety? It's a part of my thoughts but also my body. I have rushes of adrenaline for no reason, heart races spontaneously, my body is rigid, breathing shallow. When I catch myself like this, I try to "relax" like people are always trying to say to me. I DON'T KNOW HOW. I'm asking this because I have an appt coming up with my doctor. The celexa and klonopin aren't working. So I'm asking for help, what has worked for anyone like me? Is it just not possible to get rid of this much anxiety? I hope I don't sound pathetic. I thought maybe someone has experienced something new that's come out that i haven't heard of or something, ok i'll stop rambling, any ideas welcome