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Had TNR and doing my home therapy. Do I work till the pain or through it?

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Lisa01 4 Apr 2017

You have to work through it and do your exercises religiously. Otherwise you'll not regain your strength and range of motion.

Kat2673 4 Apr 2017

How can I work through it when it hurts soooo bad?

Lisa01 6 Apr 2017

Take your meds 30-40 minutes before therapy. Pain is always better controlled if you get on top of it before it gets bad. Yes, it's going to hurt, but it's worth it in the end. I'm sure you had daily, consistent pain before your surgery or you wouldn't have needed it. This is your chance to change that. The more you work at your therapy, the better and stronger your knee will be. If you slack off, you'll never get the full range of motion and strength you can achieve. So the decision is really yours. I had a great therapist, did the work and gained back 100% range of motion. Most Dr's will be satisfied with 85%. I have a job where I stand and walk my entire shift. I could never have come close to that before my surgery. So make the choice to work through the pain. You won't regret it.

ginom42958 5 Apr 2017

Hi Kate, PT is important to follow thru on. You need to stay ahead of the pain when taking your meds. Take them as scheduled, don't wait to be in pain. And if they're not working tell the prescribing Dr. what's going on. Sounds like you need stronger pain meds. Best of luck in recovering. Gino

Kat2673 5 Apr 2017

He put me on tramadol it doesn't seem to be working as well as oxycodone. I just don't want to get hooked

AnnieJ59 11 Apr 2017

Keep on working, increase your range of motion (flexion & extension) little by little. I set a goal of 10-15 degrees extra flexion & 1-2 degrees extra extension every few days. I found the extension was the hardest! I did over-do it at first, and had to cut back and re-start, which prolonged my recovery by a few weeks. So, work through the pain, but not to the point of agony! Your PT should be able to keep you on track. (I thought I was being extra good by going beyond what my PT was having me do. Lesson learned!). I was on hydrocodone, and it did help. I understand your fear of getting hooked. I had that fear, as well. However, I realized zed that not taking the pain pills was doing me more harm than good. It took about 3 months until I was able to change to a different pain med, (Meloxicam), and weaned myself off hydrocodone. Tookbit onlyvat night for a week or two, then only every other night, then a couple nights a week, then off. It's been 8 months since my surgery. It took 7 months to finally feel happy that I had it done. You will get there!! free discount card

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