My consultant told me I needed my knee to be replaced as I was bone on bone at my knee joint, I had my knee replaced 26th January 2015, it's now May 11th 2015, I have to use two sticks when I get up in the night or first thing in the morning, then after a while I can use one stick, my leg will not straighten despite being put under anaesthetic to have it straightened. Due to muscel cramps I spend most nights awake in pain, the knee itself gets burnning hot and therefore I have to keep applying ice packs to cool it down, I am in the building trade and was semi retired, but this has ruined my life, I can't see myself ever being able to work again or walk without a stick, every morning my knee is a stiff as a board, I was meant to have my other knee replaced, but needless to say I'm not having it done now, my consultant say's it's not uncommon for people to suffer the way I am, I only wish he had told me what to expect before the op, if he had of done I would have put up with the Arthritis pain, has anyone else had such problems ? if so, how are you dealing with it, have you found anything that has help reduce the problems ?