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Is Tizanidine helpful with headaches?

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Mackintosh 6 Jun 2015

I have chronic migraine, and I have been on Tizanidine (2 mg., 2x/ day) for the past year. My pain specialist originally prescribed it for the muscular spasms in my upper back & neck. When I started on this med, I was looking up more information about it and to my surprise found it is sometimes used off-label to help with migraine pain. And it HAS helped decrease the pain of so many of my migraines significantly this year (although I do still use specific abortive migraine medications as my main relief from a migraine, I can take this as an adjunct if my migraine is being extra stubborn, etc.).
As far as for tension headaches, I can imagine it could probably help give one relief for them as well, and perhaps even more so.
Sleepiness can be a common side effect with Tizanidine, but I found this lessened over time for me. And when my head hurts like all get out, I would very much prefer to be asleep, anyway!
Tizanidine is not a scheduled drug, so your doctor can call it in to the pharmacy & refills are convenient. Can't hurt to talk with your doctor about trying it!
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