I'm a college student and was shot during a botched home invasion (they invaded my home). The wound was on my left humorous, the .357 bullet turned 7 inches of bone into dust and damaged my radial nerve. This occurred 2 years ago and I am still in excruciating pain. I just had my second radial nerve graft surgery on November 2, 2012 and the pain is worse then ever. I am on fentanyl, tramadol, oxycodone, Xanax, and tizanidine. The opiates cover the pain they were designed for but I'm having trouble with the tizanidine. I see a pain doc once a month and they prescribed taking 3 of the 4mg tabs 2x per day. This dose doesn't touch the pain. I am to the point of taking 5 or 6 at a time just to get the knots in my arm to loosen. The pain literally makes me sick. I tried taking more opiates to see if they helped, but it's clearly a muscle spasm related pain. I sleep 1to 3 hours a night and can not function at all. My docs won't increase the tizanidine dose (and I don't blame them, the max is 36mg/24 hr period) I have been on baclofin, cyclobenzoprine (sorry if misspelled) and soma. Soma worked well but I chose to switch because it is habit forming. My question is: 1) will my current dose of tizanadine harm my liver? I do not drink and I take milk thistle everyday to try helping my liver. 2). I am going to ask for soma at my next pm meeting, but if there is something stronger and better I want to know what it is so I can ask my docs? I go to an awesome pain management office. They rotate me thru 4 different docs so I get different ideas. I simply think that my body has built a tolerance to tizanadine so normal doses don't work. I am only 28 and very healthy, so I do not want to damage my liver. But I also can't stand being in constant pain. Please help me figure out what to do. My name is Brad and my e-mail is. Brad at selovers.com. Obviously "at" means @ I just want to avoid spam. ;-). Any help will be greatly appreciated.