Hello, all!
I don't know if you remember, but last year I decided to (with doc's permission and overseeing) come off of my psychoactive medications. For reasons I can go into if you'd like to know later, I have gone off of both Invega and Cymbalta (the process was HELL)... and now, months after being free & clear of both meds, I am going down slowly off of the Klonopin. I need support in this and will no doubt have questions. Here are some off-hand:

I am on a very low dose of Klonopin and have been for 10 plus years. I take 2mg per day. 1mg in morning and 1mg at night.

You should know that I am ULTRA-sensitive to all medication changes so changing my 2mg is a HUGE deal.

I am now titrating down to 1/2 mg in the morning and 1mg at night, making the change only by 1/2 mg.

However, the 1st day I started this, by 5:00pm, I was feeling a bit wonky. I had irrational anger over something and just fell into a depression that night. I displayed signs of insomnia (which I had with both drugs I had gotten off of before) and became pretty suicidal that night.

I got through it. On my 2nd day, I just felt all-around sick and flu-like. I threw up in the morning, but got through it.

Now I have even MISSED doses of Klonopin in the morning on occasion and was mostly fine. But missing this 1/2mg dose in the morning totally messed me up.

Do you think it's placebo-effect? Is there any way I could have felt that much of a difference in 8 hours?

Anyway, I'm very nervous about going down and eventually off of Klonopin because I have been on it for 10 plus years. I read that people aren't usually on it for more than 9 months or something like that.

So you know, I am also on Buproprion (100mg) and Tri-Nessa (birth control).

I look forward to talking with you. Thank you for listening to me.

Lastly, I want to assure you that, like last year, I AM doing this with my doc's approval and supervision. However, given last year's fiasco with her lack of knowledge about the true nature of Cymbalta withdrawal, she makes me rather nervous.