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Tired of viscious hot flashes since cancer in 2006 How much longer for me?

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kathyhanson 27 Dec 2013

Did you have cervical cancer? Just wondering if you were thrown into menopause due to a hysterectomy? I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2004 and IMMEDIATELY was taken off of the hormone supplements I had been taking since 1994. I was thrown into menopause at 49 years old. It does get better over the years, and I'm sure I'm through menopause by now. I still, occasionally, get hot flashes, but I'm convinced they are caused by some of my other meds rather than menopause. We all go through menopause at different paces, so there is really no way to tell you how much longer it will last. Talk to your oncologist about it. Most oncologists hate hormones except for treatment of some cancers, but maybe he/she will prescribe a hormone for a trial period for you. I wish you the best. We can sweat it out together as literal "Hot Mamas"!!! hehe! free discount card

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