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I get more tired and lazy in the winter what is I can do to get more energy naturally?

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Inactive 20 Nov 2012

Hello SusanaHilmi. I suggest a hobby, natural foods (organic diet) a sun lamp in the home, along with beverages filled with various vitamins. Regards pledge.

SusanaHilmi 21 Nov 2012

Thank you so much is their any vitamin I can take in particular to help more.

happybrandee 21 Nov 2012

It sounds like you could have some mild seasonal Depression. it happens to a lot of people in the fall and winter months, myself included. It's caused by the short days and less sunlight. You may want to try to spend at least an hour a day in the sunlight. Even if it's cloudy, the natual day light can help you! Hope this helps... :) free discount card

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