I suffer from acute tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Progressive, age-related deafness runs in both genders of my family back at least to our Grandparents and I realize that that genetic trail is a major cause. However, I also suffer from early onset, age 52, Stage III metastatic prostate cancer (PC) and am Rx'ed a variety of drugs to manage the cancer and to help deal with the collateral symptoms caused by the therapy as well as the PC itself. My problem was merely an irritant before the PC but now, with all of the drugs (No NSAIDS) I have to take to get by, the Tinnitus has, at times, become debilitating.
My question is, "Do any of you fine folks notice that your tinnitus gets better or worse when you take opioid analgesics, benzos, SNSRI's (Cymbalta) or AdderrallXR or IR? My PC therapy is the anti androgen Lupron but I don't think that it is the cause. Any and all input on Tinnitus would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Quincy17