I was diagnosed with amoebiasis dysentery overseas on oct 2. I started on Metronidazole 500mg 3 tablets a day for 7 days. The amoeba cleared up and abdominal pain was gone thereafter. But during the medication i had a very scary experience with the drug. I woke up every morning feeling hungover and nauseous. It made me very dizzy and gave me migraines. I woke up delirious and had short term memory loss. Also had muscles spasms and convulsions. Pretty much all the bad side effects it warns of! Its been over a month since i've been off the medication and i still have constant severe headaches, unsteadiness/dizziness, brain fog. But now the amoebiasis has returned. My doctor suggested I take trinidazole 500mg 4 tables once a day for 1 day. Im very nervous about taking the drug. Because the side effects are similar but apparently not as bad. Does anyone know if this is safe to take?