i am 28 years old male, noticed hyperpigmented spots in my axilla 2 weeks before and after few days i noticed hyopigmented spots on my chest , abdomen , neck , shoulders, arms and forarms. i am using selenium sulphide na cortrimazole shampoo once daily and cream ketoconazole once daily over lesions. the rash is sparsly spread. i have taken 2 tablets of fluconazole 400mg 15 days apart. they hyperpigmented spots lightened after 5 6 days of treatment but hypopigmented spots are still there .i am quit worried about my looks . i wish to know how often i will have this infection. is it inevitable to not have a recurrances, is it essential that i will have a recurrance. most importantly for how many years i will have this infection if it frequently recurred ? kindly address the issue . i am very worried and depressed since i was diagnosed this disease ?