I am a 27-year old female. I'm a non-smoker and I don't hardly ever drink alcohol. I tend to not visit the doctor a whole lot, but now that I am approaching 30 in the next few years I am exploring some regular exams and tests just to make sure I am where I should be for my age.
I have never had a female gyn exam or a pap smear simply because I have yet to have sex with a person. I figured that if I was still a virgin, my risks for anything were low and I was most likely not infected with HPV. However, I will admit that I have used sex toys throughout the years and masturbate, so I suppose similar sex acts has been performed inside of my vagina and pushed up onto my cervix. Would this debunk my theory of not needing a pelvic exam / pap smear?
I feel physically fine as far as my genitals are concerned and have never had any issues other than menstrual irregularity that I have had since I was 10 or 11. I have been on a birth control pill for over a year now and it has regulated my cycle just fine.