My mother was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis a few months ago. The doctors have spoken mostly in broad generalities and haven't specifically told us how much time she has. I have done a ton of research online (maybe a mistake?) and it seems like she doesn't have much time left at all. She has lost almost 50 pounds and now weighs right around 90 pounds. She literally looks like a skeleton. She has severe ascites and was undergoing paracentisis once a week, having 6 litres removed each time. She is in a wheelchair because she has avascular necrosis - due to her alcoholism. She is now showing signs of kidney issues. She is having breathing difficulty but I'm not sure if that is due to her COPD or because her belly is so full of fluid. The doctor has stopped the paracentisis because he is concerned it will effect her kidneys so he is trying to manage it through medication. She is starting to lose her hair. She sleeps about 14 hours a day and is always cold. The doctor suggested today that she meet with a transplant team to see if she is a candidate (she won't be... ) He also started talking about her becoming confused and disoriented and that that may be a better way to die than choking on the fluid build up. Even though he didn't come right out and say she doesn't have long, it seems like that is what he was hinting at? Any information or insight would be appreciated... I just need someone to lay it on the line. Thanks.