Two weeks ago I ended up in the hospital with extreme abdominal pain and inability to move much. I was immediately hooked up to an i.v., blood work was taken and an x-ray performed. They asked if I was pregnant and I said no because I had no clue that I was. It turned out that my potassium was at the lethal level of 1.2 and causing my esophagus to spasm. They gave me Dilaudid, Ativan and Phenergan in my IV. They woke me up hours later and said I could go home. There was little to do when they checked me out, no one mentioned that I was pregnant (I don't know if they even checked) and promptly sent me on my way. A week later I found out that I was pregnant. Today I am 7 weeks and 2 days along, 17 days ago was the e.r. visit. What are the chances that the x-ray and iv drugs messed up the baby?