Wow is all I can say. If you had told me 6 months ago, I would be depending on a pacemaker to make my stomach work, I would have laughed in your face. Except for the depression, fibro, anxiety, and migraines, I was otherwise healthy as a horse. When it hit me, it was just like a major heart attack. Felt like Id been kicked right in the chest by a stubborn mule. Turned out it was not my heart at all, but the beginning of a nightmare for me. July 18, the date I'll never ever forget in my life. 1 month later, Im being told Im being moved to the top of the list for the gastric stimulator implant pacemaker. I'd never heard of such, not for the stomach. Yea, pacemaker for the heart all the time. Not ever for a stomach tho? Well, now its true, and my time is here. I was jumped up the list because my condition has deteriorated quite a bit. First pacemaker off the line was mine, according to my surgeon. She is ready to make the first cut at 730am on the 18th. I get nervous thinkin about it, but then I come on here, and being here for all of you makes me forget my own troubles for a while. There are those who are far worse than me with all that is going on in their lives. I pray each day for all of you as you are my family, and I want to make sure you are all protected and taken care of. May the Guardian Angels guide, protect, and love you all!

In peace,