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What time of day are you to take warfarin?

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chuck1957 30 Mar 2017

Sandra; unless the doctor has said anything different to you most people take it in the morning and try to take it about the same time each day. If you have any questions or dough give your doctor's office a call and ask when they want you to take it.

Metalheart82 22 May 2017

My doctor has always suggested that I take it in the evening. My doctor prefers evenings, because you can adjust your dose sooner after an INR. If you get your blood drawn in the daytime and you are out of range, you can adjust your evening dose per Doctor's orders. If you took your dose in the morning, you would have to wait until the following morning to adjust your dose.

rayrose 1 Apr 2018

I am in UK. Here we take it in the evening at the same time each night. This is what my INR nurse says and the hospital.

Peterbo 1 Apr 2018

I used to take it in the evening but have changed to mornings now to try an sort out the body and joint pains I am experiencing. The morning seems better for me. Anyone else experiencing body pains? free discount card

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