Its almost time. Ive gotten my appointments set up and I am really nervous. I go to a county free clinic and it takes forever to do anything. I finally have a times and date for my colonoscopy. I actually have three counting the actual procedure. One fifteen minute one that is for what i dont know and neither does the girl that made it for me,another the same day for fourty-five minutes thats for a pre-screening for anasthesia?? spelling is way of im sure. and then the final one seven days later that i am told could last up to six hours. i hate to always ask for help but you all always seem to have good advice and or answers. i suffer from some mental illness and realize it might be from my comprehension of things but sometimes i think they just want to shuffle me off the phone quickly is the reason they dont know when i ask questions. i usually must wait till the day of and i am with the nurse or doctor for answers and by then i might have chickened out again about the whole thing. any advice on what they want me for on the two days?