I am taking citalopram 40 MG, wellbutrin 150 MG, and oxcarbazepine 450 MG. I am 21, and back in high school junior year, after a break up, I fell into depression, and I talked to my mom and she said depression runs in the family some so it may be hereditary and the break up may have triggered that gene inside me. I was put on pristiq and did good. At the end of first semester freshman year college, I had another break down, with a lot of anxiety aND depressionot which led to these meds. The trigger I guess was just being away from home. My question, I think I am ready to go off my medications, I have been on them for over a year. Alongside counseling, is it possible that my brain may have fixed the chemical imbalance and I'm able to come off the medications? I fear that because my depression may have been hereditary it would be harder to go off medication? I want to go off though because I feel and have felt happy.