I am 25 years old I get prescribed 20mg adderrall 3x a day for ADD. I have been on it for about a year now and I still can't figure out when the best Times I should take them because I work graveyard and wife works during the day and I have 3 kids at home with me during the day. I am only able to sleep 1 hour during the day with my kids when they nap, and then another 2 hours after my wife gets off work, then it's off to work again. So is there a way I can take my adderrall with my sleep schedule? Because I need to be able to focus and concentrate at work, but also be able to when I'm at home with my kids. On my days off i take one right when i wake up(7am) after lunch (noon) and then at 3pm and Im in bed by 10pm and it helps me so much. I know I need to take them at the same time everyday and right when you wake up in the morning, but during my work days it just feels like my days run together and I feel like i don't really know when my morning is or my night. I can't get a new job that pays me the same wages i make to pay my bills or off get off graveyard because I've tried many times. And daycare is too expensive and I don't have anyone to watch my children for me. I have no choice. I just hope someone has any type of serious suggestions that would help because I've done research and I can't find anything that pertained to my situation.