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Took tikosyn one hour too early?

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jcolson 25 Jun 2015

You can move around your time that you take Tikosyn in half hour increments so even though you don't want to make a habit of it being too soon or too late by an hour is not the best thing but not a big deal either.

Gordon Watts 25 Jun 2015

My cardiologist told me that an hour or so either side of 12 hours from the previous dose was just fine. Where this becomes important is if you change Time Zones when travelling, as I do a lot. I plan ahead and schedule the interval between my 2 daily doses to max.13 hours, min. 11 hours. Sometimes it's necessary to spread these dose-time adjustments over 2-3 days to avoid middle of the day and/or night. If this is not practical because of big Time Zone changes, it's better to simply miss a dose out. Never take 2 doses with less than 11 hours between them.

jcolson 25 Jun 2015

As far as the half hour adjustment to move the time of taking your dose, that came from the pamplet that instructs doctors on administration of startup of Tikosyn. You seem to travel more than I do, but I find that by moving my times in half hour increments works just fine for me and like I said moving it by an hour is not a big deal and as long as your cardiologist says ok then ok free discount card

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