I was told 12 years ago I had thyroid diastase. I have been taking levothyroxin the whole time. I went to the emergency room because i wasn't feeling well and told them i was out of my medicine and ask them to check my thyroid.The doctor said my thyroid was perfectly normal and he refused to fill it for me because I shouldn't be taking it.i ask him if it could be because I had been taking it up to two days prior. He said: look you either have it or you don.t. So I waited for about 3 weeks. Went in and got tested by another doctor. He told me the same thing. I m not feeling so well now. What damage has this cause my body. I know your not suppose to just quit medication.But the two doctors that told me I was fine refused to fill my prescription. I don.t want to go back to my clinic in town .About a year ago one of the doctors there adjusted the medication and didn't even check my blood before doing so. What should I do?