I was diagnosed hypothyroid in 2002. I was on Thyrox 100 for many years, then on 150, then 125 recently and then lowered it to 75 (thyronorm) currently with doctor's advice. Even now on 75, I feel constipated, there is some kind of block in my head which affects my concentration and free flowing thinking power. I can't retain things for too long. I get confused easily. I also feel a strange sensation in my throat area and also in my chest. I sometimes can't breathe completely. I was on psych meds for a few years. And then gradually tapered them off. Could you please tell me that these side effects that I am feeling, are they because of the thyroid med being too much or is it because I went off the pshych (antidepressant)meds. I went off the meds in Feb this year. If I am taking the
correct dosage of thyroid, why am I still feeling dull and my thinking has slowed down plus these other issues? I feel like I am taking too much thyroid and I don't feel comfortable even on this dosage of 75.