My Dr. wrote a new script for antihistamine-my refills ran out. The pharmacy gave me pseudoephedrine sulfate with a tad of antihistamine. It greatly put my thyroid in overdrive, of course, that put all of my glands in overdrive. I take Armour thyroid extract, which my Dr. says is a super accelerator -and the pharmacy used "overkill". I guess that it was like a meth binge that left me weak, easily fatigued, aching all over, having dreams, headaches, emotionally down, irritable, really watery eyes, dry mouth. I'm slowly trying to do things, and I sweat like a horse from taking the kitchen trash out-which is better than sweating like a horse while sitting under a fan in an air conditioned room, and I'm not hungry at all. I try very hard to control myself and my day-and get back to regular living (go 2 bed when I should, get up when I should, try to eat, etc). It was 240 mg of pseudoephedrine for 13 days. I already had a sinus infection, so I thought that the early symptoms were from that. My Dr. thought that I was taking my regular medication. 2 Drs. said it was overkill. When I first saw the pseudoeph, I kept telling the pharmacy that this wasn't the med that I had been taking-but they told me it was the exact same thing. I asked why this had pseudoephedrine hadn't been listed on previous prescriptions. They said-new labeling laws and it went generic. I told them that it looked like OTC flu/cough/cold meds, and I didn't buy or use them because they made me sick-real sick.
I just want to get where I can give my dogs a short walk each day-very short-without crashing. Take the trash out-do simple things. I was just getting better from statin poisoning, where my muscles didn't hurt to the extreme, and I could walk my dogs to the end of the block and back. Now I'm back where driving hurts me and leaves me fatigued. Yes, my Dr. and HMO contacted the pharmacy. My Dr. saw the pills, and he was enraged they lied to him when he contacted them. Does anybody have any idea when I'll do better. My BP has already dropped over 50 points, which is a relief, and the Dr. tested my kidneys, which R in range for everything. Does anybody know what I should be looking out for?