My first endocrinologist told me to take Levothyroxine (50 mcgrm daily) to shrink thyroid nodules. I had no problem with my thyroid before the treatment and my nodules were very few and small. I changed my endocrinologist and she to me to stop taking Levothyroixine cold turkey. The first two weeks I felt great. No morning fatigued and full of energy. However, from the third week, my symptoms were getting worse. I strated to have dizziness and weird sensation in my brain, like it was cold and then under pressure. At the end of the fourth week, I got very slow when walking, no energy, constipated, and very very dizzy. I saw my family doctor and did a blood test for the next week when I'm going to visit my endocrinologist. My family doctor told me to start Levothyroxine again. When I take Levo, I feel less dizzy, but I become nervous and depressed.

My question is: can I ever stop Levothyroxine? Because I had no problem before the first Endocrinologist mistreated me with Levothyroxine to shrink small nodules.
I am very mad at the first endocrinologist who put me on Levo for no good reason and by now my healthy thyroid might be damaged already.