In Oct. 2007 I had a total thyroidectomy due to cancer. I was not treated with hormones for over 3 weeks, because the doctors all thought "the other doctor" was seeing to it. Needless to say, I know what Hypo feels like. Summer of 2012 I have another blood test to check levels, which I have done several times a year and all of a sudden my Endo says I am taking way too much and cuts me back. Fine, I'm okay with that. 3 Weeks laater and I am feeling very heavy and breathless just to walk across the room, don't have energy enought to pick my feet up. Feeling HYPO. Called and told my endo and went for blood work. No, the blood work still shows too much meds. So I ended up having tests to show weather or not I had a tumor on my pituitary gland, a glucagon test(terrible). No tumor. But I started taking my old dose of meds again and all symptoms went away. Now winter of 12012 and my endo says my levels have gone up even further and is going to decrease again. He keeps telling my that I might be "depressed" and that is why I feel better on the higher dose... wait a minute... first of all I am NOT depressed, I know what that feels like after my weeks of no hormone and secondly would depression make a persons levels go up!!! Please help. Any answers out there? I am a 47 year old, female, no chance of pregnancy. I also have pernicious anemia for which I have b12 injections every 10 days or so. I take only 88mcg Levoxyl and 10mcg cytomel daily. My endo says I already take way less than most of the women he treats.