Have found my TSH composit is 8.9! No wonder I am asleep most of the time. The dose I have been taking was stable for the past year. I have added (my list is in the profile) alprazolam .25mg twice a day, though sometimes three times for panic attacks which are now done, and citalopram 20mg once per day. Prednisone just reduced Friday to 15 from17.5 as disease is almost controlled. Fatigue has been three weeks now.

Taking Levoxyl 112 mcg. But it seems they switched me to generic again. This has been going on since I filled the prescription for,90 days again about a month ago.

My Endo just wrote and said it could be most anything and I will see him late may. he increased dose by 1/2 tablet once a week.

Anyone got ideas or experienced a change on how you metabolize the drug? It was the only thing that was working right. Shucks.