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Does Thyroid Medication cause Lung Cancer. Just heart there was a study saying it did?

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suzanne66 28 Aug 2013

Haven't heard anything. Can you remember what thyroid medicine specifically they were referring to?

thekingskids 29 Aug 2013

I received an email the other day from They were saying Levothyroxine causes lung cancer. They were talking about a Italian study that was done.

endlessPred 29 Aug 2013

I checked their website and found no such report. However, since one has to have the hormone to live, it is about life or a possibility. I choose life.

If you have some actual report to reference I would be curious.

thekingskids 29 Aug 2013

on the website... search thyroid med and lung cancer... when page comes up... scroll down the page you will see it Italian study on Thyroid med... it is dated Aug 13th 2013

thekingskids 29 Aug 2013

that website is

endlessPred 30 Aug 2013

The Italian study is seen by physicians as a poorly conducted study. Here is what was said on the site. Read the entire article and relax. Lung cancer is possible with a thyroid cancer as a metastasized or secondary cancer. It could occur elsewhere as well. That is why the endocrinologist is so thorough when cancer of the thyroid is found.

From the article:
What the Italian study seems to be suggesting is that levothyroxine increases oxidative stress - a process that impairs the body's ability to detoxify and repair damage. Oxidative stress is a factor in disease, and in this case, they found a small increased risk of lung cancer that could be -- but is not demonstrated to be -- due to oxidative stress from levothyroxine.

thekingskids 30 Aug 2013

Thank you so much for checking that out for me. I am cancer free from 2004 from a tumor... and cancer free from skin cancer since 2006... Again thank you for checking and getting back to me.
I am Trusting In The Lord... To God Be The Glory!!!

thekingskids 30 Aug 2013

I have only been on thyroid medicine since April 2013. free discount card

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