Would this affect my medication, my moods and behavioral? especially on Vyvance? I was wondering why it worked so well, then it wouldn't, then I would start having grammar issues and compulsiveness or OCD. I was seen my a VA hospital so I will have some words with my doctor. i was wondering why my blood pressure went from 167/110 to 120/90 and now thrust on tongue snce Jan, probably going to my esophagus and all these little beauty marks like 10 on face and arms, there tiny dots and I don't have std's I was tested,
the whole point of this question is, I was wondering why I use to have so much energy and no concentration, and now, its like the ADHD medication gives me energy to at least stay awake, but concentration gets messed up to to the thyroid so I cant concentrate.e does this make sense or am I wrong? please tell me what you think. I don't want to yell at my provider for blood test if I'm wrong, this is not my therapist for ADHD but shes going to need to know to and probably does when she sees my next month because fo the blood test I did for her last week.
I did close my account because I figured I was being annoying, but now I think I know exactly whats going on but now I need to see if anybody else heard of this, or agrees with me.